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Have you been impacted by the Toronto police cuts and want to share your story publicly? Please fill out the information below. If you check “Yes” under the “Would you like to be contacted by a TPA representative?” section, a representative from the Toronto Police Association will call or email you. We will not share any information without your explicit consent.

How To Contact The Toronto Police Services Board

The Toronto Police Services Board needs to start listening. Not to police critics, but to frontline officers.

Cuts to police will affect your community. If you agree that we need to Stop the Toronto Police Cuts please join us on Facebook or click here to send your views to the Toronto Police Services Board


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The Toronto Police Association (“TPA”) was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization on December 3, 1956. Throughout its existence the TPA’s fundamental purpose has been to “protect those who protect others” and to promote the interests of its members in a variety of spheres. READ MORE

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